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Monday, November 23, 2009

Reader discretion is advised...

Breastfeeding both my children for a year, literally sucked the life out of my boobs. What used to be full perky C cups, now barely fill a training bra. No more cleavage shirts for me, unless by cleavage you mean wrinkly folds of skin spilling out the top. I'm a 28 year old version of Magda from "There's something about Mary" In all honesty, my breasts look like two deflated balloons. I know....bad mental picture.

I'm really self conscious of them now. They look disgusting in bathing suits and in tighter shirts, I resemble a twelve year old boy! I've been wearing my same old bras even though they don't fit just to avoid the issue.

So finally I went shopping for myself, let me repeat that....shopping for MYSELF!!! sans kids and took time to buy new bras. The saleswoman at Nordstrom was super helpful and made me feel comfortable (well about as comfortable as you can be when practically getting to second base with a stranger!) And to my surprise, I was still a C cup! Once you scooped all the skin up and shoved it where it was supposed to be, I still had breasts!!!

I can't believe the difference..in the way I feel, the way I look in my shirts. It's amazing what a bra can do these days! So for $80 I feel like I got a new set of boobs!

My husband might beg to differ but the way I look at it, I just saved him $9,920!

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