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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Itch

Four of my friends just had their third baby. I have to admit that when each one announced their pregnancy, there was a tinge of wonder. I loved being pregnant so as their round bellies grew, there was a small longing to feel a baby kick. I was secretly worried that once the babies arrived, I would be sad that we decided to stop at only two childen.

Well, the babies are here!!! They are all small, beautiful and precious. They have that amazing baby smell, can curl up into the tiniest ball and make the sweetest cooing sounds. As I hold them, I soak it all in. But surprisingly, no itch!!!

I don't miss the sleepless nights, breastfeeding around the clock or trying to juggle a toddler and newborn (let alone 2 toddlers). Life is good, life is easy. Don't get me wrong, I loved when my kids were babies but now they are so much more fun! I'm enjoying each stage as it comes and goes and it just seems to be getting better! The absence of the itch confirms to me that our family is complete as is!!! Or is it....

My sister-in-laws' dog just had puppies and I feel the itch now. Not only because they are the cutest little furballs but to see the way my kids responded to them. Dylan was eager to hold them and learn all about them. Camryn was instantly nurturing and motherly towards them. I want them to be able to expereince a puppy, the responsibility of taking care of it, the process of training it and running around the yard while it nips at their heals!!! Callie is an integral part of our family and when we lose her, I won't be able to replace her. So I want to get a puppy before that happens, so we are never without a dog.

It's safe to say that there will not be any more two-legged additions to our family, but four-legged....it's only a matter of time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loads of Fun!!

What is it with kids and laundry???

Regardless of the fact that they make an insane amount of it. Why do they have to play in it?

Everytime I dump out a clean pile of laundry, be it on the floor or even on my bed, they see it as an invitation to jump in it. What goes on in their little brains that translates a pile of clothes into a freshly raked pile of leaves?

And it isn't bad enough that they jump in it but they have to throw it in the air and scatter it all about. They play dress up and put random articles of clothing on random parts of their body. I've witnessed my undergarments being slingshot across the room, while the other ducks for cover under the pile.

And the folded piles....sometimes they resemble frogs jumping from one lilypad to another and other times they are baby Godzillas destroying the tall buildings of Toyoko.

If they just let me fold it and put it away, I would be able to play with them so much sooner. But I think they prefer the once a week romp through freshly cleaned clothes.

It's actually the only time they play without their clothes getting dirty!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Musical Beds

is a not-so-fun game we play at our house once in awhile in the middle of the night.

Everyone starts off in their own beds and falls asleep soundly, enveloped in their own sweet dreams. Usually the game begins when one of the kids wakes up crying or calls us into their rooms. But they like to change it up a bit and every now and again they'll just stumble into our room and sneak into bed with us.

Half asleep, I'll walk down the hall and climb into bed with the initiator and make the first move of the game. Once the first move has been made, a second move is inevitable. Something will make me stir and I'll realize I'm not in my own bed and return to my own bed next to my soundly sleeping husband.

As sure as the sky is blue, the game will continue when I'm beckoned into the other kids room. I lie down and rub their back, trying to keep my eyes open so not to end up sleeping in this bed either. Once I'm convinced they are fast asleep, I tip toe once again back to my bed, where my husband is still sound sleep.

Now that neither child is in a deep sleep, they eventually notice that I have escaped from their beds and it's time for them to make their moves. One at a time, they make their way into our bed. Snuggling deep under the covers, right along side me. They quickly resume sleep, as if it was never disturbed.

To seal the deal our 70 pound Golden Retriever wants to play the game too, abandons her bed and finds a cozy spot between my legs. I try to hang on to the idea of sleep, while one leg is dangling off the bed and my covers are now a luxury I no longer possess. The crowded bed becomes too much for my husband when his slumber is finally disturbed. So he makes the last move of the game, retreating to one of the kids empty bed. He lies down smack dab in the middle, stretches his entire body out and pulls the abundance of covers up to his chin. When I hear the rhythmic sound of his snoring I know the game is over and that he has won!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whatever happened to

learning your ABC's and how to tie your shoes in Kindergarten!!! Dylan is amazing me with the stuff he is coming home with.

Last week at dinner he told me, very matter of fact: "People on the other side of the world don't have freedom! They get told who to marry and some people aren't allowed to go to school."

I've heard about the "big wall" that they had to crush so people could be free. He told me about the pilgrims finding our country and when they got here all they could find were Indians. He ever touched on the Americans battling with the British and we won!

His enthusiasm for learning is fantastic. He can't wait to go to school in the morning, comes home happy and full of things we wants to teach me. I've learned new songs, letter sounds and even some math skills!

It's such a sigh of relief to see him truly enjoying himself. He got his very own library card at a ceremony last night for all the kindergartners. He loved seeing all his friends and interacting with them outside of the classroom. Watching him last night confirmed that he is in the right place. I'm glad that I followed my heart in sending him.

Now I better brush up on my schooling so when he asks me all these questions, I can answer them!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The good old days

It's such a shame how we wish our lives away. It seems as if we are always looking forward to the next stage or next big thing and never really living in the moment. And then when we look back on the times that we were wishing away and we wish we could go back and appreciate them as they were happening.

All this nostalgia is stemming from my trip to Ithaca this weekend. We took the kids to see the Fall foliage, where I went to college and just get away and spend the weekend together. While we did exactly that, I left with a sense of wanting to slow life down and focus on living in the moment.

It's was bizarre to go back to my college town. Upon arrival, I instantly yearned for that carefree time in my life. I was missing my girlfriends and realizing that we never really knew how good we had it. I mean when are you ever going to have that much free time on your hands, or live with 5 of your closest girlfriends? Never again will you go into a bar and know all the people in it. College was am amazing experience and it went by way too fast. Although I enjoyed every minute of it, I couldn't wait to graduate, get married and have kids.

So this weekend, I did it! I slowed down! We went hiking and I let the kids lollygag behind.

I soaked in my surroundings and found Ithaca more beautiful then I ever remembered it.

I let the kids throw one more rock, exhaust themselves on the playground and stay up past their bedtime.

It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But I'm making it my mission to stop and take it all. Cause it goes by so fast and you can't go back!