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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loads of Fun!!

What is it with kids and laundry???

Regardless of the fact that they make an insane amount of it. Why do they have to play in it?

Everytime I dump out a clean pile of laundry, be it on the floor or even on my bed, they see it as an invitation to jump in it. What goes on in their little brains that translates a pile of clothes into a freshly raked pile of leaves?

And it isn't bad enough that they jump in it but they have to throw it in the air and scatter it all about. They play dress up and put random articles of clothing on random parts of their body. I've witnessed my undergarments being slingshot across the room, while the other ducks for cover under the pile.

And the folded piles....sometimes they resemble frogs jumping from one lilypad to another and other times they are baby Godzillas destroying the tall buildings of Toyoko.

If they just let me fold it and put it away, I would be able to play with them so much sooner. But I think they prefer the once a week romp through freshly cleaned clothes.

It's actually the only time they play without their clothes getting dirty!

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