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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Camryn's vocabulary is phenomenal, she always has so much to say about everything. But it's her way of saying things that is extremely entertaining. It's not only the words but the way she delivers her coined little phrases that has us all laughing.

She has a beauty mark on her neck that is in the perfect shape of a heart. It's not something that is easily visible, especially to her. But the other day she was sitting in her car seat and caught a glimpse of herself in the rear view mirror. I saw her sticking her tongue out and making funny faces at herself. Then all of sudden she spotted it!

"Mommy, somethin' on my neck"
"That's your beauty mark! See it's shaped just like a heart. Isn't it pretty?"
"Ohhh, my beauty heart!!! Din din, where's yours?"

Now that she knows she is the only one with a special "beauty heart", she is proud to show it off!

Yesterday Dylan and I were pulling some weeds out of the garden. Camryn was smelling the flowers and picking some of the pedals. Dylan loves the black-eyed susans that his pre-school teachers gave him to plant last year. It's one of the only flowers he knows the name of and likes to sound knowledgeable in front of this little sister. As he is explaining all of this to Camryn, she wanders over to the bunch of pink flowers that look similar to the ones he is describing.

"Din din, these my pink susans!"

I could've just eaten her up on the spot! These are the little things they say that you think you will remember, because how could you not, they are so darn adorable. But time goes on, they do new things and these ones start to fade. So although she has many more Camryn-isms, these two are documented for safe keeping!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boobs Cruise

It's always disturbing to find the things that might not have bothered you a few years ago now do simply because the toll pregnancy, child birth and simply motherhood in general have done to your body.

Today while I was leaning over the boat to put Camryn in the water, my top popped open. And it was a halter top so it sprung up around my neck and just sort of dangled there. I was mainly concerned about putting Camryn safely into the water before covering myself, so it felt like I was bare chested for longer than I actually was.

Luckily, the lake was quiet today and there were not too many boats out. However, there was one boat coming straight at us. A party boat that moves ever so slowly with a 70 year old man behind the wheel. There is no doubt in my mind he saw my mishap. A few years ago I might have laughed and thought nothing of it. But I'm almost certain that I debunked whatever preconceived notions this man might have had about a 20 somethings' breasts.

Yes, I am confident that he was unpleasantly surprised. Because what he saw today somewhat resembled that of his 70 year old wife's. But hey, despite my own embarrassment, maybe he went home and gave his wife a little lovin', knowing that he really wasn't missing out on much!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. Entrepreneur

While Camryn loves to spend money, Dylan loves to make money. Whether he does something to earn it, receives it as a gift or finds it under the couch cushions, he immediately runs to put it in his piggy bank.

Ever since he saw our friend's lemonade stand he has been bugging me to do one. So we made a date and of course it was scorching hot. Dylan only viewed this as an opportunity to get more customers because they would be even that more in need of a cold drink!

Business was slow at first. It's amazing how many cars can drive by kids at a lemonade stand and not so much as wave! But as lunchtime grew near things started to pick up. Dylan was diligent about waving and shouting "lemonade" as cars approached. After he flagged them down, he took their order and delivered the items to them while they stayed cool in their air conditioned cars.

As he watched the money jar fill up, he became more motivated. He asked for ice for the lemonade because he was worried the sun had made it too warm. The chocolate chip cookies were beginning to melt and he didn't want to get people's hands all messy, so he asked for napkins. I even heard him increase the price of the lemonade to 55 cents once he saw how much we were selling!!!
When I finally couldn't take the heat anymore, I bribed the kids inside with promises of cookies and lemonade of their own. Dylan's only concern was counting the profit and dividing it amongst the workers. He made out with $5 and already plans to spend his hard earned cash in Disney!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Miss Shopper

Shopping of any kind with 2 kids can be challenging. I let them eat their way through the grocery store, play I-spy a kids ride at the mall and bribe them with toys at Target. Usually I am by myself so Camryn sits in the cart and Dylan walks with me. For the most part, I can keep them under control.

Last night I found out that when you let Camryn out of the cart, it's literally like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. My in-laws came with us for our Target shopping excursion and love to see the kids get excited over toys that they ultimately buy for them in the end. So I was feeling brave enough to forgo putting Camryn in the cart, with 2 extra sets of hands to help out.

As any good Target shopper knows, you still need a cart in anticipation of all the good stuff you might find. And find, she did. Anything that caught Camryn's eye ended up in my cart. And everything that caught her eye, was pink. From pink dolls and ponies to pink lunch boxes and pencil cases. They was no limit to what she would throw in the cart. The cutest part was she could barely reach the top. But her determination to own everything pink would prevail. She stretched to the tips of her toes, threw her hands high over her head and dropped the coveted item into the cart like a pro.

I managed to weed things out at the check-out without her noticing. I was glad that I didn't have to purchase all of Camryn's items but I was even more excited to witness my new shopping partner in training. I can already picture the trips to the mall together...fun but potentially dangerous!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Acting your age

I'm not one to worry about my age. Birthdays are not a big deal and I don't stress about getting older. For the past few years, I've really still seen myself as a college kid. The only difference is I have a little more responsibility now.... a husband, 2 kids, a house with bills, etc. But once you strip all those things away, I'm still just a college kid underneath. Or so I thought!

Last night my husband and I went to a concert at a venue we used to frequent in high school as well as college. Well last night I realized, I am worlds apart from college kids. At first, I felt sad and old. I was reminded of a time when life was so easy and carefree. With all the free time in the world and little responsibility.

But then I observed those college kids I thought I envied and can honestly say I wouldn't want to be in their shoes anymore. The things I was trying to hold on to were memories. Great memories with great friends that are still a part of my life. And now our time spent together consists of different activities with more variables, but we are still have a blast making more memories.

As I stood there on the lawn listening to Tim McGraw in my husband's arms while college kids went mud-sliding down the hill, I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be. In that moment I embraced this stage of my life. I prefer to stay home and read books to my children before they go to sleep. A perfect night out now consists of excellent food, entertaining conversation with friends and an overpriced but worth every drop, fancy cocktail.

And in the words of Tim McGraw: "There's no place I'd rather be!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A lesson in morals

After a late afternoon bike ride, I thought it would be easier to grab take out then start cooking dinner at 7:00 while my kids fell apart on the kitchen floor. So I googled Chinese restaurants with my new iphone and placed an order to pick up on the way home.

The heat and bike ride left all three of us parched. So as soon as we arrived at the restaurant, I grabbed us some waters from the cooler. Our food wasn't ready yet so we waited drinking our cold beverages. My eyes wandered to a sign on the wall indicating that this particular restaurant didn't except credit cards!! Seriously....who doesn't except credit cards!! That would explain the wall of shame of bounced checks! Maybe investing in a credit card machine wouldn't be such a bad idea!

Seeing as how the only thing in my wallet was plastic, my mind was racing as to what to do. In the meantime, three more customers had come in and now I was feeling embarrassed that I would have to admit to a crowd of people that wouldn't be able to pay for our food. So while the cashier was back in the kitchen, against my better judgment, I told the kids we were going for a walk while our food finished cooking. Once they realized I was dragging them quickly to the car, Dylan started to resist. I tried to reason with him and explain that I couldn't pay for our food but he was really hungry!!!

Driving away, with my kids half buckled in their carseats, I felt the guilt start to set in. Not only was my food going to be wasted, but I stole our drinks!!! The kids were whining about wanting their Chinese food and my conscious was getting the best of me. But my 5 year old knew how to right my wrong:

"Mom, just go home and get money and go back and pay for our food!"

"Can't we just have leftovers, buddy, it's getting too late to drive all the way back there!"

"But they will be looking for us to pick up our food!"

If it weren't for Dylan's standards of ethics, I probably wouldn't have gone back. Begrudgingly, I ran into the house to grab some money and made the trek back to get our food.

The cashier was less then amused at my disappearing act. As my cheeks began to show my shame, I explained how I had to run home to get some cash. All he seemed to be concerned about was exactly how many drinks I had walked out of his shop with. I quickly paid, grabbed my food and walked out with my head hanging low.

Well my kids got their Chinese food, I got a lesson in morals and now have one less option for Chinese restaurants near my house.

Tie Dye

It's like a regular old summer camp over here! Yesterday we got our tie-dye on!!!

The kids really went to town on saturating their shirts with the dye

(Notice the plastic gloves...we needed whole body suits)

The best part is always taking the elastics off and seeing what the shirts look like

Not too shabby for their first time

The finished product

Definitely a fun but messy project. Well I think we filled our tie-dye quota for the year and I bet the dye with come off my hands just in time for next year!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


With Dylan at camp 2 days a week, I have time to really spend with Camryn. Doing things she wants to do and giving her 100% of my attention. So today our library was holding an edible books event. You had to create an edible item (i.e. cake) that was inspired from your favorite book. The idea immediately enticed me because it incorporated two of my favorite things: reading and desserts!

Since this was an activity for Camryn and I to do together, I left her pick the book. She couldn't have made it any easier for me. Her favorite book of course is Pinkalicious. A story about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. So we set out to make the best pink cupcakes ever.

We bought funfetti cupcakes because of the fancy colors on the inside, but we also dyed them pink of course.We frosted them but white frosting would never do so we added some hot pink sugar sprinkles!!!

The princess of pink gives them the pinkalicious seal of approval

They were a hit at the library and I think they may have even made the local paper!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A new grocery store just replaced my long time favorite one and I'm trying to adjust. Although I can't find anything yet and I miss the organic section, the prices can't be beat. I haven't been shopping there long enough to know exactly how much I'm saving a month but there are some staple items I recognize the savings.

For instance, I snagged a watermelon the other day for $3.99!! A whole watermelon!! My kids can down the whole thing in one sitting, so I was extra excited about this price. Until I got it home....

I cut it open to find seeds!!! Not little white ones that you can eat....millions of hard black ones!!! Who even knew they still grew watermelon with seeds???

So much for the savings. I wasted half of the watermelon picking all the damn seeds out.