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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. Entrepreneur

While Camryn loves to spend money, Dylan loves to make money. Whether he does something to earn it, receives it as a gift or finds it under the couch cushions, he immediately runs to put it in his piggy bank.

Ever since he saw our friend's lemonade stand he has been bugging me to do one. So we made a date and of course it was scorching hot. Dylan only viewed this as an opportunity to get more customers because they would be even that more in need of a cold drink!

Business was slow at first. It's amazing how many cars can drive by kids at a lemonade stand and not so much as wave! But as lunchtime grew near things started to pick up. Dylan was diligent about waving and shouting "lemonade" as cars approached. After he flagged them down, he took their order and delivered the items to them while they stayed cool in their air conditioned cars.

As he watched the money jar fill up, he became more motivated. He asked for ice for the lemonade because he was worried the sun had made it too warm. The chocolate chip cookies were beginning to melt and he didn't want to get people's hands all messy, so he asked for napkins. I even heard him increase the price of the lemonade to 55 cents once he saw how much we were selling!!!
When I finally couldn't take the heat anymore, I bribed the kids inside with promises of cookies and lemonade of their own. Dylan's only concern was counting the profit and dividing it amongst the workers. He made out with $5 and already plans to spend his hard earned cash in Disney!

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