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Thursday, July 8, 2010


With Dylan at camp 2 days a week, I have time to really spend with Camryn. Doing things she wants to do and giving her 100% of my attention. So today our library was holding an edible books event. You had to create an edible item (i.e. cake) that was inspired from your favorite book. The idea immediately enticed me because it incorporated two of my favorite things: reading and desserts!

Since this was an activity for Camryn and I to do together, I left her pick the book. She couldn't have made it any easier for me. Her favorite book of course is Pinkalicious. A story about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. So we set out to make the best pink cupcakes ever.

We bought funfetti cupcakes because of the fancy colors on the inside, but we also dyed them pink of course.We frosted them but white frosting would never do so we added some hot pink sugar sprinkles!!!

The princess of pink gives them the pinkalicious seal of approval

They were a hit at the library and I think they may have even made the local paper!!!

1 comment:

  1. she looks so much like jaclyn did when she was little! such a cutie! love the cupcakes :)