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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Camryn's vocabulary is phenomenal, she always has so much to say about everything. But it's her way of saying things that is extremely entertaining. It's not only the words but the way she delivers her coined little phrases that has us all laughing.

She has a beauty mark on her neck that is in the perfect shape of a heart. It's not something that is easily visible, especially to her. But the other day she was sitting in her car seat and caught a glimpse of herself in the rear view mirror. I saw her sticking her tongue out and making funny faces at herself. Then all of sudden she spotted it!

"Mommy, somethin' on my neck"
"That's your beauty mark! See it's shaped just like a heart. Isn't it pretty?"
"Ohhh, my beauty heart!!! Din din, where's yours?"

Now that she knows she is the only one with a special "beauty heart", she is proud to show it off!

Yesterday Dylan and I were pulling some weeds out of the garden. Camryn was smelling the flowers and picking some of the pedals. Dylan loves the black-eyed susans that his pre-school teachers gave him to plant last year. It's one of the only flowers he knows the name of and likes to sound knowledgeable in front of this little sister. As he is explaining all of this to Camryn, she wanders over to the bunch of pink flowers that look similar to the ones he is describing.

"Din din, these my pink susans!"

I could've just eaten her up on the spot! These are the little things they say that you think you will remember, because how could you not, they are so darn adorable. But time goes on, they do new things and these ones start to fade. So although she has many more Camryn-isms, these two are documented for safe keeping!

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