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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boobs Cruise

It's always disturbing to find the things that might not have bothered you a few years ago now do simply because the toll pregnancy, child birth and simply motherhood in general have done to your body.

Today while I was leaning over the boat to put Camryn in the water, my top popped open. And it was a halter top so it sprung up around my neck and just sort of dangled there. I was mainly concerned about putting Camryn safely into the water before covering myself, so it felt like I was bare chested for longer than I actually was.

Luckily, the lake was quiet today and there were not too many boats out. However, there was one boat coming straight at us. A party boat that moves ever so slowly with a 70 year old man behind the wheel. There is no doubt in my mind he saw my mishap. A few years ago I might have laughed and thought nothing of it. But I'm almost certain that I debunked whatever preconceived notions this man might have had about a 20 somethings' breasts.

Yes, I am confident that he was unpleasantly surprised. Because what he saw today somewhat resembled that of his 70 year old wife's. But hey, despite my own embarrassment, maybe he went home and gave his wife a little lovin', knowing that he really wasn't missing out on much!!!

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