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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Miss Shopper

Shopping of any kind with 2 kids can be challenging. I let them eat their way through the grocery store, play I-spy a kids ride at the mall and bribe them with toys at Target. Usually I am by myself so Camryn sits in the cart and Dylan walks with me. For the most part, I can keep them under control.

Last night I found out that when you let Camryn out of the cart, it's literally like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. My in-laws came with us for our Target shopping excursion and love to see the kids get excited over toys that they ultimately buy for them in the end. So I was feeling brave enough to forgo putting Camryn in the cart, with 2 extra sets of hands to help out.

As any good Target shopper knows, you still need a cart in anticipation of all the good stuff you might find. And find, she did. Anything that caught Camryn's eye ended up in my cart. And everything that caught her eye, was pink. From pink dolls and ponies to pink lunch boxes and pencil cases. They was no limit to what she would throw in the cart. The cutest part was she could barely reach the top. But her determination to own everything pink would prevail. She stretched to the tips of her toes, threw her hands high over her head and dropped the coveted item into the cart like a pro.

I managed to weed things out at the check-out without her noticing. I was glad that I didn't have to purchase all of Camryn's items but I was even more excited to witness my new shopping partner in training. I can already picture the trips to the mall together...fun but potentially dangerous!!!

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