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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A lesson in morals

After a late afternoon bike ride, I thought it would be easier to grab take out then start cooking dinner at 7:00 while my kids fell apart on the kitchen floor. So I googled Chinese restaurants with my new iphone and placed an order to pick up on the way home.

The heat and bike ride left all three of us parched. So as soon as we arrived at the restaurant, I grabbed us some waters from the cooler. Our food wasn't ready yet so we waited drinking our cold beverages. My eyes wandered to a sign on the wall indicating that this particular restaurant didn't except credit cards!! Seriously....who doesn't except credit cards!! That would explain the wall of shame of bounced checks! Maybe investing in a credit card machine wouldn't be such a bad idea!

Seeing as how the only thing in my wallet was plastic, my mind was racing as to what to do. In the meantime, three more customers had come in and now I was feeling embarrassed that I would have to admit to a crowd of people that wouldn't be able to pay for our food. So while the cashier was back in the kitchen, against my better judgment, I told the kids we were going for a walk while our food finished cooking. Once they realized I was dragging them quickly to the car, Dylan started to resist. I tried to reason with him and explain that I couldn't pay for our food but he was really hungry!!!

Driving away, with my kids half buckled in their carseats, I felt the guilt start to set in. Not only was my food going to be wasted, but I stole our drinks!!! The kids were whining about wanting their Chinese food and my conscious was getting the best of me. But my 5 year old knew how to right my wrong:

"Mom, just go home and get money and go back and pay for our food!"

"Can't we just have leftovers, buddy, it's getting too late to drive all the way back there!"

"But they will be looking for us to pick up our food!"

If it weren't for Dylan's standards of ethics, I probably wouldn't have gone back. Begrudgingly, I ran into the house to grab some money and made the trek back to get our food.

The cashier was less then amused at my disappearing act. As my cheeks began to show my shame, I explained how I had to run home to get some cash. All he seemed to be concerned about was exactly how many drinks I had walked out of his shop with. I quickly paid, grabbed my food and walked out with my head hanging low.

Well my kids got their Chinese food, I got a lesson in morals and now have one less option for Chinese restaurants near my house.

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