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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm the first one to complain about winters in New England but due to the lack of snow this year I was actually excited to finally get some. Although the storm was a small one, the inclement driving conditions canceled our two birthday parties and basketball practice. Turning our crazy Saturday into one where we would not even get out of our pajamas. Except to change into our snow clothes of course!!!

So the weekend started with the brightness of snow falling outside and the quietness that comes along with it. We lounged around, made cinnamon buns for a late breakfast and played some board games. The boys dedicated some time to playing Skylanders, not sure who enjoys it more, Dylan or John.
And Camryn and I did her sticker book and tutu kit from Christmas.

After lunch, we bundled up and headed outside! The snow was an incredibly soft powder, so snowman making and snowball fights were out. Luckily snow angels work in just about any type of snow!

Our yard is mainly flat, and our vow not to leave the house today kept us from venturing around town for a better hill. So what's wrong with going off the cliff in the back woods???

At least we were responsible parents and removed any loose sticks that were pointing up and told them to abandon their sled if they were headed for a tree!

I'm pretty sure Bromley enjoyed her first big snow!

But I soon found her in the sandbox, longing for summer...

Hot chocolate and a movie had us all cozy on the couch. Dinner, dessert and books followed and the kids were zonked....Dad fell asleep during story time too!!

With the roads cleared, we headed to my parents house early Sunday morning for some real sledding!
It's hard enough to get the kids all dressed but now with Bromley around, it's extremely hard to keep them dressed!!Snow fun was had by all and it was certainly a weekend for the books...and the blog!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Early Acceptance

I usually like to keep my posts light and fun. Just stories I want to remember to tell my kids when they get bigger. This one is going to be a little heavier but something I hope I won't need to remind them of. Something I hope is already working it's way into their little spongy brains.

Isn't it amazing how kids really don't notice differences or make judgments of others at this age? Unfortunately, those kind of things are taught to them. And twice this week, I have been impressed by my children and their acceptance of everyone.

On Sunday, I asked Dylan if he knew why he had the day off from school on Monday. Kudos to his teacher, because he in fact knew exactly why. He proceeded to tell me all about Martin Luther King Jr. How he was a black man who wanted everyone to be able to do the same things. He wished people would fight with their words and not hands or guns. How he had a dream and because of that dream was shot by a white man. Dylan produced a piece of paper from his backpack that illustrated his own dream: "For everyone to like everyone the way they are!" And I'm going to hold him to that one!

On a separate note: Camryn has been learning about differences at school too. They started with physical differences: eye color, hair color and skin color. Moved on to foods, holidays and traditions. Then began talking about family make-up: brothers, sisters, divorced parents, step-parents. And again kudos to her school, they included gay couples.

This weekend Camryn attended a birthday party for a school friend and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the parents. When Camryn introduced me to one of her favorite playmates, she followed it with: "and these are her mommies!" Just like that! Matter-of-factly, no judgment, not even any questions. Just as it should be. In turn, we hit it off and are arranging a playdate soon.

I'm proud of them and will strive to keep them this way forever. Only if that childhood mentality of pure acceptance was contagious. What a better place.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girl Talk

Camryn and I had some one on one time this weekend. Of course, we did the obvious thing: had a tea party dressed to the nines! On special occasions like this, I even let her put actual "tea" (i.e. water) in her teapot and bring some snacks up to her room. She can pour til her heart is content or until I have to go to the bathroom whichever comes first.

But what made this tea party blog worthy was the content of our conversation. Before I reveal our chatty gossip (and indeed it was just that) I must put a disclaimer on it. This is not a reflection of what happens when I am on the phone with, in the presence of or at "tea parties" with my real friends (you know who you are and do not need the reassurance!)

So here we are in our fanciest dresses, extravagant jewels and matching teacups. We are both sitting in our Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs, legs crossed, pinkies up when Camryn initiates conversation by saying:

"So mom, lets talk about our friends!"

If I had tea in my mouth at that moment it would have come flying out. I like to think she meant it in the innocent way that a 3 year old would. But I couldn't help to flash forward down the road when she is actually sitting around with her friends over tea...juice...ok martinis and doing just that. The dreaded girl gossip and talking behind each others backs! I'm so not ready to do through that again.

We did in fact talk about her friends...who she played with at school, what color shoes they wore on Friday and how much she was looking forward to seeing them on the next school day. Let's just hope girl talk can stay positive throughout her teenage years!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Car Conversation

In the car this weekend Dylan asked to play with my I-phone. I hesitated and asked:

"Doesn't playing my phone when riding in the car make you carsick?"

To ensure his Plants vs Zombie screen time, he of course denied such allocations.

But my droopy-eyed daughter confirmed:

" Riding in the car makes me car tired!"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alphabet Song

Who would have thought a small travel size white board, 5 flourescent dry erase markers and a pocket size eraser could be so much fun? When purchasing the gift, my intention was to leave it in the car but it has yet to make it there.

We have recently been using it as a replacement for our chalkboard wall when we play school. When Dylan is the teacher, he actually reiterates things from school. He wants us to raise our hands, only talk one at a time and has encouraging words when we are correct. Camryn just likes to boss us around and I'm pretty sure we don't learn squat. I try to quiz them on what they know without them realizing I'm not really "pretending" to teach.

Today when I drew the letter Z, Camryn was unsure of the correct answer. So I gave her a little hint:

"It's at the end of the alphabet."

And with such gusto and confidence she answered:

"Sing with me!!"

How could I possibly tell her she was wrong!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dylan learns to skate

Last year when we took Dylan to a Yale hockey game he expressed interest in playing the sport himself. Luckily it was the end of the season and I was able differ his interest to the upcoming tee-ball season.

But his interest was sparked again when a flyer came home for after school floor hockey. I signed him up for the session and he was immediately hooked.

He got a gift certificate for some skating lessons for his birthday and with the holidays behind us I thought it was time to redeem it. So last night I packed a in-the-car kind of dinner, a movie to replace books at bedtime and jammies for the ride home. I only got lost once on the way to the rink (yes, I have GPS but I never know how many warnings I get to turn before I actually have to turn!)

We checked in only to find he was signed up for the later session. Fortunately, the lady recognized Camryn's I just woke up from a too short nap demeanor and knew it would only get worse as time ticked by and was able to squeeze us into the earlier time slot. I had indeed neglected to read the instructions online that informed me all skaters needed helmets. Hockey lady to rescue again with one we could borrow, accompanied by a slight what kind of mom would let their first time skater on the ice without a helmet look.

Bundled up and equipment checked, Dylan embarked out onto the rink. Between my crappy i-phone and the filthy window, this is the best I got:

I'm happy to report he spent the majority of the time on his feet and the entire time with a smile from ear to ear. Does it make me a horrible mom that I'm secretly hoping he doesn't like it? Nothing against the sport, I actually think it's enjoyable to watch. But all the hockey families I talk to tell me how expensive and time consuming of a sport it is. I never thought I would say this but I hope soccer sticks!