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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm the first one to complain about winters in New England but due to the lack of snow this year I was actually excited to finally get some. Although the storm was a small one, the inclement driving conditions canceled our two birthday parties and basketball practice. Turning our crazy Saturday into one where we would not even get out of our pajamas. Except to change into our snow clothes of course!!!

So the weekend started with the brightness of snow falling outside and the quietness that comes along with it. We lounged around, made cinnamon buns for a late breakfast and played some board games. The boys dedicated some time to playing Skylanders, not sure who enjoys it more, Dylan or John.
And Camryn and I did her sticker book and tutu kit from Christmas.

After lunch, we bundled up and headed outside! The snow was an incredibly soft powder, so snowman making and snowball fights were out. Luckily snow angels work in just about any type of snow!

Our yard is mainly flat, and our vow not to leave the house today kept us from venturing around town for a better hill. So what's wrong with going off the cliff in the back woods???

At least we were responsible parents and removed any loose sticks that were pointing up and told them to abandon their sled if they were headed for a tree!

I'm pretty sure Bromley enjoyed her first big snow!

But I soon found her in the sandbox, longing for summer...

Hot chocolate and a movie had us all cozy on the couch. Dinner, dessert and books followed and the kids were zonked....Dad fell asleep during story time too!!

With the roads cleared, we headed to my parents house early Sunday morning for some real sledding!
It's hard enough to get the kids all dressed but now with Bromley around, it's extremely hard to keep them dressed!!Snow fun was had by all and it was certainly a weekend for the books...and the blog!

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