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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girl Talk

Camryn and I had some one on one time this weekend. Of course, we did the obvious thing: had a tea party dressed to the nines! On special occasions like this, I even let her put actual "tea" (i.e. water) in her teapot and bring some snacks up to her room. She can pour til her heart is content or until I have to go to the bathroom whichever comes first.

But what made this tea party blog worthy was the content of our conversation. Before I reveal our chatty gossip (and indeed it was just that) I must put a disclaimer on it. This is not a reflection of what happens when I am on the phone with, in the presence of or at "tea parties" with my real friends (you know who you are and do not need the reassurance!)

So here we are in our fanciest dresses, extravagant jewels and matching teacups. We are both sitting in our Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs, legs crossed, pinkies up when Camryn initiates conversation by saying:

"So mom, lets talk about our friends!"

If I had tea in my mouth at that moment it would have come flying out. I like to think she meant it in the innocent way that a 3 year old would. But I couldn't help to flash forward down the road when she is actually sitting around with her friends over tea...juice...ok martinis and doing just that. The dreaded girl gossip and talking behind each others backs! I'm so not ready to do through that again.

We did in fact talk about her friends...who she played with at school, what color shoes they wore on Friday and how much she was looking forward to seeing them on the next school day. Let's just hope girl talk can stay positive throughout her teenage years!

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