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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dylan learns to skate

Last year when we took Dylan to a Yale hockey game he expressed interest in playing the sport himself. Luckily it was the end of the season and I was able differ his interest to the upcoming tee-ball season.

But his interest was sparked again when a flyer came home for after school floor hockey. I signed him up for the session and he was immediately hooked.

He got a gift certificate for some skating lessons for his birthday and with the holidays behind us I thought it was time to redeem it. So last night I packed a in-the-car kind of dinner, a movie to replace books at bedtime and jammies for the ride home. I only got lost once on the way to the rink (yes, I have GPS but I never know how many warnings I get to turn before I actually have to turn!)

We checked in only to find he was signed up for the later session. Fortunately, the lady recognized Camryn's I just woke up from a too short nap demeanor and knew it would only get worse as time ticked by and was able to squeeze us into the earlier time slot. I had indeed neglected to read the instructions online that informed me all skaters needed helmets. Hockey lady to rescue again with one we could borrow, accompanied by a slight what kind of mom would let their first time skater on the ice without a helmet look.

Bundled up and equipment checked, Dylan embarked out onto the rink. Between my crappy i-phone and the filthy window, this is the best I got:

I'm happy to report he spent the majority of the time on his feet and the entire time with a smile from ear to ear. Does it make me a horrible mom that I'm secretly hoping he doesn't like it? Nothing against the sport, I actually think it's enjoyable to watch. But all the hockey families I talk to tell me how expensive and time consuming of a sport it is. I never thought I would say this but I hope soccer sticks!

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