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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alphabet Song

Who would have thought a small travel size white board, 5 flourescent dry erase markers and a pocket size eraser could be so much fun? When purchasing the gift, my intention was to leave it in the car but it has yet to make it there.

We have recently been using it as a replacement for our chalkboard wall when we play school. When Dylan is the teacher, he actually reiterates things from school. He wants us to raise our hands, only talk one at a time and has encouraging words when we are correct. Camryn just likes to boss us around and I'm pretty sure we don't learn squat. I try to quiz them on what they know without them realizing I'm not really "pretending" to teach.

Today when I drew the letter Z, Camryn was unsure of the correct answer. So I gave her a little hint:

"It's at the end of the alphabet."

And with such gusto and confidence she answered:

"Sing with me!!"

How could I possibly tell her she was wrong!

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