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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Early Acceptance

I usually like to keep my posts light and fun. Just stories I want to remember to tell my kids when they get bigger. This one is going to be a little heavier but something I hope I won't need to remind them of. Something I hope is already working it's way into their little spongy brains.

Isn't it amazing how kids really don't notice differences or make judgments of others at this age? Unfortunately, those kind of things are taught to them. And twice this week, I have been impressed by my children and their acceptance of everyone.

On Sunday, I asked Dylan if he knew why he had the day off from school on Monday. Kudos to his teacher, because he in fact knew exactly why. He proceeded to tell me all about Martin Luther King Jr. How he was a black man who wanted everyone to be able to do the same things. He wished people would fight with their words and not hands or guns. How he had a dream and because of that dream was shot by a white man. Dylan produced a piece of paper from his backpack that illustrated his own dream: "For everyone to like everyone the way they are!" And I'm going to hold him to that one!

On a separate note: Camryn has been learning about differences at school too. They started with physical differences: eye color, hair color and skin color. Moved on to foods, holidays and traditions. Then began talking about family make-up: brothers, sisters, divorced parents, step-parents. And again kudos to her school, they included gay couples.

This weekend Camryn attended a birthday party for a school friend and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the parents. When Camryn introduced me to one of her favorite playmates, she followed it with: "and these are her mommies!" Just like that! Matter-of-factly, no judgment, not even any questions. Just as it should be. In turn, we hit it off and are arranging a playdate soon.

I'm proud of them and will strive to keep them this way forever. Only if that childhood mentality of pure acceptance was contagious. What a better place.....

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  1. You children are this way because of their amazingly supportive and kind parents! You should be proud!!!!