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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In an effort to ensure that my accomplishments over the next 20 years consist of more than just caring, cooking, cleaning and carpooling, I'm trying to do things for myself. So the past 12 weeks I've been training for a 1/2 marathon.

The race was this past Sunday and I finished it!!! It was extremely hard though. Killer hills and much hotter weather than what I had been training in. I stopped at every water stop and ran through every sprinkler. I didn't think I could make it another step until I saw my husband, kids and dad cheering for me at the finish line. I even managed to meet my goal of finishing the race in under 2 hours.

Dehydrated and physically exhausted, I immediately spotted a free ice cream truck. I grabbed a bomb pop, ice cold and packed with sugar, it was the best thing I ever tasted. By that time my family had found me amongst the crowd and was congratulating me on my accomplishment. The kids were particularly impressed with the metal I had won (they were given to all the finishers!) And I was proud of every single mile it took me to get here, because here is exactly where I want to be!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summertime begins

with a trip to our favorite park!

The kids went surfin

We hit up the ice cream truck

And zonked from all the fun

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Poem

As the school year winds down, all the artwork is starting to come home. It's amazing to see Dylan's progress from the beginning of the year to now. His drawing, writing and reading have improved immensely. But today I came across something in particular that instantly had me choked up.

It was a typed packet of poems entitled: "I Like Poems." I assumed it was poems they had read in class over the course of the year that the kids liked and the teacher was sharing them with us. But in fact, the poems were written by the students. Now let me preference this by saying (a) most of the kids selected things such as ladybugs, bikes, ice cream, and the color yellow and (b) the assignment had nothing to do with Father's Day.

This is what my son wrote:

I like my dad.
Ask me why.
Because he is smart.
Because he makes the best pancakes.
Because he wrestles with me.
That's why.
I like my dad.

The fact that he is the most amazing father to my children paired with the Ashley's ice box ice cream he brought me home last night, I'm so in love with my husband!!!

Field Trip

Dylan's class took a field trip to the submarine base and John got to go along as a chaperone. Unfortunately, the day they went was so hot, they were not able to tour the actual submarine. Dylan was really interested so went back on a family trip. This time Dylan was the tour guide, showing me and Camryn around and rattling off facts he had learned on his field trip. John was impressed at how much he remembered.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Round 2

Today we brought Camryn to meet her pre-school teachers!!! As I pulled in the driveway, it felt like not too long ago I was dropping Dylan off and carrying my new born in her bucket seat. And now I'm dropping her off!!!

The good thing about the second one going off to the same pre-school is it is somewhat familiar. She remembers picking Dylan up there last year and going to some of the family functions. She immediately engaged in playtime and even used the potty!!! The playground was a huge hit and when it was time to go, she gave both her teachers high-fives.

Where does the time go? How is it possible that my baby is going to pre-school?

As her excitement builds in anticipation of going back, I'm dreading the drop-off. There will no doubt be tears, I just hope Camryn doesn't cry!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We camp on our friends property in the middle of the woods. It's a good thing the kids enjoy each other because other than collecting sticks and avoiding poison ivy there isn't much to do. Hence the "grown-up only" lemonade!!

So when Dylan caught sight of a segway off-roading towards our campsite, he was ecstatic. It was their neighbor coming over to have a beer and hang out with us. But first he kindly guided all the kids for a ride on his segway.

After his hard work of being the carnival ride operator, he rewarded himself with another cold beer. My observant son took this opportunity to engage in the adult conversation:

"So is this your hobby? To drink and drive this thing around?"

The laughter erupted from all the adults as my five year old had just called this guy out!

Looking at his beer in hand the guy replied, " Yeah buddy, I guess it is!"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I know I've been neglectful. I know because someone actually asked me what happened to my blog....

Summer happened!!! I can't get enough of this weather and I haven't wanted to waste a second of it indoors.

Although my blog may have been neglected, rest assured my children have not. Summer activities are in full swing and we are taking advantage. Beaches, picnics, camping, fishing, lemonade stands and sprinklers all included. Here's the proof:

Stay tuned for some funny stories that occurred during these events!!