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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Poem

As the school year winds down, all the artwork is starting to come home. It's amazing to see Dylan's progress from the beginning of the year to now. His drawing, writing and reading have improved immensely. But today I came across something in particular that instantly had me choked up.

It was a typed packet of poems entitled: "I Like Poems." I assumed it was poems they had read in class over the course of the year that the kids liked and the teacher was sharing them with us. But in fact, the poems were written by the students. Now let me preference this by saying (a) most of the kids selected things such as ladybugs, bikes, ice cream, and the color yellow and (b) the assignment had nothing to do with Father's Day.

This is what my son wrote:

I like my dad.
Ask me why.
Because he is smart.
Because he makes the best pancakes.
Because he wrestles with me.
That's why.
I like my dad.

The fact that he is the most amazing father to my children paired with the Ashley's ice box ice cream he brought me home last night, I'm so in love with my husband!!!

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