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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Round 2

Today we brought Camryn to meet her pre-school teachers!!! As I pulled in the driveway, it felt like not too long ago I was dropping Dylan off and carrying my new born in her bucket seat. And now I'm dropping her off!!!

The good thing about the second one going off to the same pre-school is it is somewhat familiar. She remembers picking Dylan up there last year and going to some of the family functions. She immediately engaged in playtime and even used the potty!!! The playground was a huge hit and when it was time to go, she gave both her teachers high-fives.

Where does the time go? How is it possible that my baby is going to pre-school?

As her excitement builds in anticipation of going back, I'm dreading the drop-off. There will no doubt be tears, I just hope Camryn doesn't cry!!!

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