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Monday, February 13, 2012

Party Foul

Dylan was invited to a good friends birthday party to watch Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D. He absolutely wanted to go but had reservations about the movie. He scares easily at movies! The darkness of the theater, extreme volume and anticipation of what is going to happen has his heart beating a mile a minute.
Luckily, the mom is a good friend of mine and I alerted her to the potential disaster on her hands. He was confident the day of and assuring me that even if he was scared he wasn't going to let anyone know. I was worried he would be terrified inside while putting on a front for his friends. So my friend promised to look for signs of his discomfort and I left him at the theater knowing she would call me if I needed to come get him.
Then I proceeded to go to the store and upgrade my phone....not realizing it would be out of service for almost an hour while it updated all the information from my old phone. What kind of mom leaves her number in case her son needs her and then basically shuts her phone off? Panic started to set in while I anxiously watched the green bar slowly fill as the updating progressed on my phone. The absence of any voicemails or texts once the phone finally turned on relieved my stress. I did show up early to pick him up from the party and am happy to report he did great. He asked a lot of questions and even covered his eyes at one point but made it through and was glad to be a part of the party. Dilemma avoided!

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