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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hair Gel

Now that I have a job, John has to do the morning routine. Let me re-phrase that...John has to drop the kids at school. By the time he usually rolls out of bed, I'm showered and ready for work, the kids are dressed for school and eating breakfast, lunches have been made and are already packed in their backpacks. I'm not patting myself on the back, all moms get it, we just do what needs to be done. But I have to admit, I find it amusing when after I leave, things go awry. I enjoy that he has a taste of chaos that is parenthood. And this morning Camryn indeed threw him a curve ball.

I left my picture perfect children eating their waffles at the breakfast bar, thinking his morning was going to be a breeze. The rest of the story is as told to me by my husband:

After getting Dylan on the bus, he came in to get Camryn's shoes and coat on. When he looked at her he could tell she had done something to her hair. It was slicked back and shiny.

"Camryn, did you find mommy's hair gel?" (Now anyone that knows me, knows I don't own hair gel...I'm lucky if it's washed and blow dried!)

"No daddy, I used my syrup!" He stood in disbelief and then panicked when he saw the clock. There was no time to give her a bath and get her re-dressed in time for school. So he handled it the old fashion way. He dunked her head under the kitchen sink. As he tried to rub the rapidly hardening syrup out of her hair she squirmed with discomfort.

"Daddy, I don't like this kind of shower...stop getting me all wet."

He did the best he could and hurried out the door to school. I was not hiding my amusement when he relayed the story over the phone. It's these moments that he will remember forever and I'm glad they happen to him.

However, I was embarrassed when I picked her up from school and discovered her hair matted to her forehead with a light brown hue. But it didn't inhibit her from having fun in the least, so all was well...but she did have a proper shower shortly after I picked her up.

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