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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The character game

Keeping Camryn awake in the car is no small task. Especially around five o'clock, when it's too late for her to nap but too early for her to go to bed. So I have to pull out every trick in the book to engage her. The easiest is the character game. We take turns thinking of a character, a hard one to stump the other passengers while they ask questions to try to guess who it is...you all know how it goes. Well Camryn doesn't exactly play by the rules. She often changes her mind halfway through the questions process. And I'm not convinced she even has anyone in mind so much as she just loves to answer "No" to our questions and tell us our guesses are "not even close." She usually tells us it's someone that doesn't even match any of her answers or someone we guessed at least five times already, but we play along.

But tonight on the way to skating practice, she must have been really tired. Dylan and I had rounded her character down to a girl, who wears green and is in a movie. We exhausted every character from Tinkerbell to Shrek. When those failed, we moved to animals, characters in books and even made up some of our own. Frustrated and a little defeated, we gave up and asked Camryn who she was thinking of. This made her cry. I tried to reason with her and tell her we tried our best but just couldn't figure it out. "So Camryn, tell us who you were?"

In between sobs, she said: "I don't know...I stumped myself!"

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