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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nature vs. nurture

We had a horrible night. Once I cleaned everyone up and had them settled back to sleep, my stomach began to churn. By morning, I was the one hugging the toilet bowl.

The kids were up and ready to go this morning though. There was no sign of the belly bug that plagued them last night. And mom's don't get sick days so rather than stay in our cramped, smelly, germ-infested room, I chose nature. I did my best to rally for my family's sake and we went skiing.

I figured there would be nothing better than some cold, crisp mountain air to settle the retched feeling in my stomach. But I was wrong. Bending over to put on my ski boots made me dizzy, skiing with Camryn in between my legs brought on the sweats and practically carrying her up on the tow rope had me exhausted. After a few hours, I realized I really should be on my A game while attempting to teach my three year old how to ski.

So screw nature! Camryn and I went back to the hotel so I could nurture myself back to good health. A nice long nap certainty helped but I'm still on the queasy side. And my family knows I'm not exaggerating my discomfort level because they have left me behind while they go visit two of my favorite Vermonters, Ben & Jerry.

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