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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A different tune

That's what Dylan will be singing right around high school.

We've tried to explain things to Dylan along the way about the addition process. We showed him the plans and got him excited about his own room. But now that construction is underway he can visual grasp the concept that the house will be bigger.

So he took John and I by surprise when he said:

"Now there is room for all the kids."

Feeling a little guilty that we were depriving him of more siblings, we explained that he and Camryn were the only kids that were going to live here.

"No, all my kids. I'm going to live with you guys forever!"

The silence that followed confirmed that John and I were both watching our plans for a carefree, kid-free retirement flash before our eyes. Before panic could set it, I assured John that Dylan would be banging down the door to get out in only a few short years. So for the time being we played along.

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