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Friday, October 9, 2009

No trespassing

I've taken my dog hiking every morning for the past 5 years in the same trails near our house. Due to the windy storm last night there was a tree blocking the entrance to the trails so I couldn't get my car through. This minor obstacle wasn't going to deter me from our daily routine so I just parked the car on the road alongside the trail and headed in.

My car wasn't there for more than 30 minutes but it was long enough for a nosy neighbor to take notice. As I was approaching my car, I saw a lady writing down my license plate. So in my best cheery, yet not going to take anyone's crap voice, I greeted her. To which she replied:

"Do you know that this is a private road."

I explained that I did and then the tree situation.

"I see the tree, but did you know this is a private road?"

Now my tone was a tad sarcastic: "Did my car being parked there inhibited you in some way? Was it really a problem that I parked there while I took for dog for a run?"

"Yeah it is and it's also a liability for everyone who lives on this road."

All those people who live on that road, who's driveways are so far down it there isn't even one in sight and most of them are at work right now and not at all concerned about a random car parked on the side of their "private" road.

All I could say to her as I drove away was, "your ridiculous."

Too bad I didn't encounter her before my run because my adrenaline was pumping now!

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