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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dylan to the Rescue

With all the construction going on in our house, there is stuff everywhere! We had to disassemble the kids beds so I have the pieces leaning up against my wall in the hallway. The clutter is definitely in my way but so far it's been manageable. That is, until yesterday!

I went in the attic to grab our Christmas decorations and because the attic is also my present hiding spot, I shut the door behind me so the kids didn't follow me in. Well Camryn follows me everywhere and she started to cry when she realized she couldn't get to me. I quickly grabbed the boxes and went to the door. But I couldn't open it. Something was in the way. I tried again harder and faster but the object wouldn't budge. I could hear Camryn crying and felt my heart start to race.

I called Dylan over and asked him what was blocking my way. When he told me it was the crib headboard, panic started to set in. I asked him if he thought he could push it back up against the wall. He told me it looked heavy but he would try. And sure enough my 4 year old rescued me from the attic!!!

I made a big deal about how strong he is and how he saved me from being locked in there. I explained how I would have been stuck in the attic and not able to get to him or Camryn. Well apparently he never found the need for alarm, he said:

"Mom, why didn't you just climb down the ladder that is out the window?"

I went out the front door and sure enough, he was right!!! There was a ladder leading right up to the window where I was trapped! Turns out my knight in shining armor was annoyed he had to rescue me when clearly I could have saved myself!

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