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Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok so I know I've been neglecting my blog...

The holidays were one thing. Preparing for them, enjoying them and then decompressing from them!

But the biggest reason I haven't posted is because I've dedicated every free moment to the kids rooms. And they are FINALLY in them!!!

Dylan couldn't be happier. He has so much space and his own bed again. But best of all we got to bring some toys up into his room and now he has another place to play. He even created a password for anyone who wants to enter!

For the most part his room is done. Fishing themed decorations have been ordered and will provide the finishing touches.

Camryn loves all the empty space in her new room. The lack of furniture (bed and dresser) provides ample space for dancing and running around. I think she was relieved not to sleep in her pack and play anymore but is still waking up at night wondering where she is. Her room will be a work in progress until she's ready for a big girl bed. But we finished the first set of stripes on her wall and it's starting to feel like her own space.

Having our bedroom back to ourselves was the best Christmas present ever!! We only get to enjoy a few weeks of it because it's next on our demolition list!

So hopefully I still have a few readers and I promise to be more diligent about posting!

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