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Friday, January 15, 2010

Officially freaking out

Ok so the idea of going on vacation without my kids seemed like a fantastic idea in September when we booked it. But now that it's only 2 days away, I'm started to rethink my decision!!! I've only left me kids overnight once or twice and it was pretty much only while they were sleeping. So 5 days is starting to feel like an entirety.

But it's going to be GREAT! I can read my book on the plane and not have to entertain two kids. I can actually close my eyes on the beach and not worry whose making a break for the water. My husband and I are going scuba diving. We are going to sit at dinner and enjoy our meal, not rush out before someone has a meltdown. We are going to have uninterrupted adult conversation. We are simply going to relax!

Wow...I've almost convinced myself. No seriously, this is good for everybody involved. I need a break from the kids. They need a break from me. And John and I deserve some time as a couple not just parents. Dylan is super excited to have my parents come live at the house and hopefully Camryn will do fine. But there is that little crazy switch that I can't turn off inside of me telling me that no one can take care of my kids as good as I can.

But I have to push those thoughts aside. This is just what we all need! I'll come back refreshed, with more patience and more energy to be a better mom. They will have had a chance to miss me and maybe appreciate our time together. No matter how much I'll miss them, it will be well worth it!

I feel better already. Just needed a little pep talk. Well if nothing else I definitely won't miss the cold. Sunshine here I come!

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