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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dylan has become quite the little reader. He is to the point where he can pull any book out of his bookcase and read me some of it. He is so proud of himself!!! He reads everything from my emails over my shoulder to signs as we drive around town. I love hearing him read and am his biggest cheerleader when he sounds out a word!!
But he is making some adorable mistakes, that I have to share:

1) Whenever he sees an exclaimation point he reads the word "wow" And no matter how many times I've explained it to him, he insists his teacher told him it's a "wow"

2) we don't come across this one often but when we do I can't help but laugh out loud. When people sign their name with Xoxo (Fancy Nancy is a camryn favorite) he says " ox ox" and then realizing how silly it sounds asks why it says it!

Storytime before bed is a whole new experience. It's amazing that he is already reading to me! I can't help but brag... I'm a proud mom!!!

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