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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just another day in paradise

In an effort to maximize the little amount of family time we have with John, I took on one of his chores. I never thought I would utter these words but...I now mow the lawn.
At first I did it so that rather than riding around on the lawn mower watching the kids play, he could actually play with them on his day off. But I have to admit I've grown to like it. It's not like when you clean the house and no one even notices because it immediately gets dirty again. It's instant gratification. You can physically see the difference. And I find something calming about methodically creating those diagonal lines.
Anyway, it's grass cutting season again and I'm back on the tractor. But today I kind of got it stuck in a ditch! One of the back wheels was off the ground and I couldn't reverse. So I kept creeping further and further into the woods and wasn't making any movement back towards the yard. After about 15 minutes, a 102 point turn and every ounce of my upper body strength, I managed to pull it out and finish the front lawn. All in time to get Dylan to baseball practice!! And damn, does that lawn look good if I do say so myself!

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