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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh nuts!

Little league rules require that all players wear a cup. Since this year they are using hard balls (no pun intended) Dylan and I ventured to the sports shop to purchase one.

He was less than thrilled to tell the salesman what we were looking for. I wasn't convinced I was even going to be able to get him to wear it, seeing as though the past few times I've done the laundry I found five pairs of pants and only two pairs of underwear...you do the math.

But before practice he did indeed put it on. He was intrigued by it and let me know he barely noticed it. Well all his teammates and their parents probably did because he spent more time banging on it then he did playing baseball.

On the car ride home, I explained how it was inappropriate and that he just needed to focus on the game. He agreed to leave it alone but only after he said: "Mom, I have a joke" and then proceeded to knock on it and expected me to say "who's there?"


  1. Makes must protect what they cherish most!

  2. I mean "males"--I know, my boyfriend plays lacrosse and has told me he wouldn't go near a lacrosse field without a cup!

  3. There should be mandatory cup checks before every game and practice!