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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A big day!

Camryn turned 4 today!!! But before we started celebrating, I had a race to run.

We yanked the kids out of bed at 5:45. Dylan couldn't wait to give Camryn his present so she quickly tore it open but sadly had to leave it behind because we needed to get on the road.

We packed the rest of her present to open when we were out to lunch but John conveniently placed them next to her carseat and she unwrapped them all in the car!

With birthday excitement underway, we arrived at the race. Did I mention Dylan was running his first race? So we both picked up our bibs and t-shirts and waited to be called to the starting lines.

He ran his 1/4 mile race in 1 min 46 seconds and came in 4th!! He was excited to receive a metal and I was beaming with pride.
He is in the gray shirt

The kids had some fun while waiting for me to cross the finish line:

 I had an amazing run! The course was fabulous, weather perfect and I kept a steady, comfortable pace. I finished in 1 hour and 52 minutes!!! 7 minutes faster than last years half marathon!!

We quickly switched the focus back to Camryn. I wanted to take her to The Sundae Spa, a special salon for kids to get manis and pedis that looks like a ice cream parlor and every service comes with a sundae. She doesn't like the idea of anyone other than me painting her toenails, so we moved on to plan B: Camryn's choice.

Turned out to be a fantastic day.

We went to her favorite playground:

Rode the backyard zip line and jumped on the trampoline:

Got the biggest ice cream cone we could find:

And, if you haven't noticed from the above pictures, tried on all our new birthday outfits!
Mermaid dress was the gift from her big brother

We must have heard her say, "I get to choose because it's my birthday" a bazillion times. Even down to the temperature of their bath water!

She also referred to things she "used to do when she was 3." But after the busy day we had, I can see how she feels like yesterday was an eternity ago.

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