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Monday, April 23, 2012

A taste of summer

A week of no alarm clocks and spending all day with the kids, paired with the amazing weather had me longing for summer. We spent all our days outside, at the beach, in the yard or on the road. If we weren't riding bikes, we were hiking.  When were weren't jumping on the trampoline, we were building sand castles.  We even took a day trip to a science museum where Dylan was a surgeon and Camryn was an azure butterfly!!  We started the week off with a pizza-que with some friends at our house, incorporated ice cream cones into our daily diet and ended the week with a pizza-que at a friends house where the kids played manhunt well past their bedtimes.

Check out some pictures of our adventures:

We rode bikes through Hammonassett and stopped at the beach to let the dogs swim and the kids play.
2 happy dogs + 2 happy kids = 1 happy mom
Lazy mornings with no where to be

Liberty Science Center in NJ (yes I went to NJ on my April vacation...no judging)
Dylan the excavator

Dylan performs surgery on a banana

Just hanging around

An azure butterfly
Lady Liberty

 A nice bike ride on the Farmington Canal trail lead us to Brooksvale farm where we had a picnic lunch.
The ponies looked hungry too

This morning we were all a little melancholy getting back into our usually routine. All itching for summer to hurry up and get here...and you know what there are only 38 days left of school!!!  But who's counting?

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