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Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday

Life goes by too fast. My youngest is about to turn 4!!!  How did that happen? So I'm dedicating my first weekly Flashback Friday post to Camryn!

I knew I was in labor but Dylan's music class wasn't over yet.  I continued to dance around the room, banging my instruments and twirling my scarf.  I didn't want to miss out on this moment, the last time it would be just me and him.  When class ended, we stuck to our normal Tuesday schedule of eating lunch with dad at work.  I walked Dylan down to Walmart to get a few things, all the time pausing in the aisles to let a mild contraction pass.  I still didn't let anyone know what was going on.

I drove home and laid Dylan down for his nap and thought it would be a good idea for me to try to get some sleep too.  That's when my water broke.  I called John and told him to come home, called my mom and told her to come over and then called the doctor and told him we would be right there.  John had to drag me out the door because I wanted to wait until Dylan woke up to tell him we were going to the hospital to have the baby.  But I knew I couldn't wait.

The doctor cleared me to go the hospital and called to let them know I was on my way and the baby would be here soon.  My first delivery took less than an hour and he was just hoping I would make it.  The rest is kind of a blur.  I immediately was taken to a room and sat in a rocking chair while a nurse attempted to put in my IV. After her third try and her asking me to sit still, my husband lost his cool.  He voiced his concerns about how quickly it was all going to happen but everyone seemed to be taking their sweet time.  To appease him, they let me get on the bed while they prepared the room.  But the baby didn't wait...one push and it was out.  No IV, no doctor and the bed wasn't even broken down to catch it!  I kept asking; "What is it? What is it?"  But everyone was so frantic no one answered me.  Then, after what felt like an eternity, I was told it was a girl!

And that's how Camryn came barreling into our lives.  On her terms and when she was ready. And that has been her ever since. A vivacious little girl, with a big personality and even bigger heart. Her unique fashion sense and quirky sense of humor make me smile every day.  I can't believe 4 years are gone in a blink of an eye and couldn't imagine a day without her!

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