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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Major meltdown

I ran to Joann Fabrics after I picked the kids up today to grab a few things. To get them on board with this errand I told them we could pick a rainy day craft. Excitement filled the car. Of course, the project was contingent on their behavior in the store.

Dylan was full of fabric choice suggestions while Camryn was pulling them off the shelf. Dylan stayed close by while Camryn zigzagged between aisles while I tried to catch her. Dylan patiently waited while the woman cut my fabric and Camryn was pushing him and acting crazy.

Finally we made our way to the craft section. Dylan picked a giant poster to color and Camryn selected a wooden fairy mask to decorate. Perfect, we were on our way to the register and even had an afternoon plan.

That's when the meltdown began. While in line Camryn was stepping on Dylan's poster and pushing him again. I was way past warning number three so I grabbed her mask and told her we wouldn't be purchasing it today.

The tantrum was her best performance yet. Stomping her feet and screaming that she wanted the mask. I picked her up to try to quiet her down and she hit me!!! My body temperature was rising and I felt my face getting red. Not only was I filled with frustration but I was extremely embarrassed at the scene that was unfolding...with my child center stage.

I placed her in the front of a nearby carriage so she couldn't hit me again and tried to calmly pay the cashier. That is when the woman behind me became my cheerleader. She placed her hand on my shoulder and said:
"You are doing the right thing. It's so nice to see a mom stick to her guns"

That is exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. While Camryn carried on about needing the mask and how much she hated me, this woman gave me the strength to show Camryn she wasn't going to break me.

I finished paying and as I was walking out she yelled: "Treat yourself to a glass of wine after they go to bed...you earned it!"

I think the best part of the whole ordeal wasn't even teaching Camryn a lesson, I'm confident it won't be her last meltdown. But knowing that other moms aren't always judging you or thinking you are an awful parent. They have been there and know how hard it is. That woman probably has no idea how much I needed her support but I was glad she was there to back me up!!

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