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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm not a fan of nicknames.  I probably get it from my mom who named my sister and I one syllable names to avoid nicknames all together.  In fact, all the nicknames I received were an extension of my name...babbling Brooke, bubble butt Brooke and Brookems.  On the other hand, maybe those are why I'm not particularly fond of nicknames.

Anyway, naming your children is a monumental event.  You spend months scouring name books, yelling potential names out loud and envisioning them carrying the name through life.  It's a huge responsibility.  So when you finally decide on one, you invest in it, embrace it....and don't want someone to come along and change it!

About a month or so into pre-school, I heard Camryn's teacher call her Cammie.  It sent chills up my spine!  I ignored it for awhile but couldn't stand the thought of it sticking.  So rather than risk being THAT mom and correcting her teacher, I put it on my three year old daughter.  I asked her if she liked being called Cammie and she responded no...big sigh of relief.  So naturally I gave her some suggestions on how to respectfully tell her teacher her name was Camryn.  Hearing Cammie upon every arrival at school, confirmed she didn't want to speak up for herself either.  Luckily, none of her friends or the other moms ever referred to her that way, so I let it go.

Well wouldn't you know, on her last day of pre-school when she was saying good-bye to her teachers, she finally spoke up.  Her teacher came at her with open arms and Camryn stopped her in her tracks and said:  "My mom doesn't like it when you call me Cammie!"  The teacher and I broke out in laughter and I was so proud and a little embarrassed.  Her teacher promised to only call her Camryn from now on and that earned a hug.

She had an amazing year at pre-school.  It helped build her independence and confidence.  And she certainly found her voice....even if it was on the last day!

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