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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you give mommy pineapple juice...

I recently hosted my sister in laws baby shower.  Dylan wanted to stay so we had a talk about him being on his best behavior and ways he could help me. And he rose to the challenge!  The following dialogue is as told to me by one of the guests:

Dylan greeted them in the driveway as they were walking towards the backyard.

Dylan:  "Thank you for coming."
Guest: "Glad we could make it."
Dylan:  " We have pink lemonade and a drink with Malibu in it."
Guest:  "Do you even know what Malibu is?"
Dylan:  "Yay, I can't drink it!"

The kicker is, the punch that Dylan was referring to was a champagne punch.  All I had said to him was there was alcohol in it and the kids couldn't drink it.  So either Dylan thinks all alcohol is Malibu or he saw me add the pineapple juice.  And he knows if you give mommy pineapple juice...she's going to ask for Malibu to go with it!!!

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