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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to reality

The relaxing, blissful days of summer are over. Reality hit hard yesterday with alarm clocks, school lunches and work clothes.
Gone are the days of hanging around in our pajamas all morning just to throw on our bathing suits and some sunscreen. Mindless grazing in the refrigerator and endless reasons to go out for ice cream are no longer. Bedtime is now a set time rather than determined by big yawns and droopy eyes.
Honestly, I think the kids were ready for routine to kick back in. Boredom was settling in which is usually accompanied by fighting. They were looking forward to seeing their friends and all the excitement that comes with a new school year.
After school they now appreciate their play time together and have resumed their summertime Quidditch tournament on the trampoline. Fingers crossed that attitudes remain positive and willingness to go to school stays strong...at least for few weeks.
I'm sure once the routine gets old we will be longing for our carefree summer days but for now the school year is in full swing!

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