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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Last week was camp week.  The most anticipated week of the summer.  Dylan has been looking forward to it since the last day of camp, last summer.

I love Dylan's camp.  It reminds me of the camp in the original movie "The Parent Trap", except for the all girl thing.  There are tons of outdoor activities, little wooden cabins for the overnight campers and a huge lake complete with boats and waterslides.  Every morning he gets to chose two activites for the morning sessions, then they have lunch in the mess hall and spend the afternoon swimming and boating at the lake.  He spent the week playing street hockey, tennis and dodgeball.  He enrolled in spy training, took nature walks and swam like a fish.  The highlights were the huge waterslide and of course the overnight bonfire with smores.  He was completely exhausted when I picked him up at 5:00 on Friday and we spent the entire weekend recouping.  He is already asking to go for two weeks next summer!

Camryn went to Princess Dance Camp!  Each day was dedicated to a different Disney princess.  I was so happy to see how easily she went with the instructors and willingly participated.  She learned some new dance moves, tumbled around on the mats and did some neat art projects.  She was all smiles each time I picked her up and eager to show me all she has accomplished.  However, she really wants to go to camp with her big brother next year....

So with both the kids camp, I was free for three hours every morning!!  That's when I decided my husband was going to camp too.  My bootcamp!  We spent our mornings running and biking. Our weekly total was 45 miles.  He was sore but never complained once and I was glad to have company on my workouts.  I'm happy to report it seems to have motivated him and he is out running on his own as we speak (write).

Fantastic week had by all!  But I can't believe it's already August!  I'm hoping these last precious weeks of summer go by nice and slow!

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