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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crazy for Cakes

This weekend was Dylan's 4th birthday party. Every year I pick a theme of something that he's interested in and try to carry it throughout the event. And every year I make myself crazy about his cake. I'm a huge Ace of Cakes fan and somehow think that by watching the show I'm able to create such masterpieces. And then when they don't look anything like them, I become frustrated.

Not only do I have no experience or training in cake making/decorating but my kids don't like real cake, they prefer ice cream cake. So I'm limited in the carving and shaping department. And fondant and ice cream don't make for a very good combination. But all things aside, I think I'm getting better every year!

Here is the progression of my cakes:

Dylan's 1st birthday cake: supposed to be a turtle made out of ice cream, no one at the party could tell what it was2nd birthday: He was obsessed with Cars, hence the race track (this was before I discovered fondant)

3rd birthday: John Deere party

Dylan's 4th birthday cake
Dylan's 4th birthday party cake: he loves to fish with his dad
My personal favorite: Camryn's 1st birthday ladybug cake

I think I'm improving each year! My next adventure is to make a topsy-turvy cake and REALLY drive myself crazy!

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