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Monday, September 21, 2009

The wife of a cook

People always comment to me about how great it must be to be married to a cook. They imagine having a live-in chef, delicious food and no work required. I usually flash the obligatory smile and nod in agreement. But let me give you 5 reasons why they are completely wrong:

5) The hours: other than scrambling a few eggs and popping toast into the toaster oven, my husband isn't home for any other meal, let only cooking it for me!

4) When he is home to cook, he cooks like he is in the restaurant with staff to clean up the mess after him...guess who the staff is at home??

3) On the rare occasion that we go out to dinner together, he lets me know half way through the meal that not only could he have made the dish better but for less money

2) I do most of the cooking at home anyway, but if he is around he has to look over my shoulder, add ingredients that aren't even in the recipe or at least stir something even though I'm perfectly capable

And the #1 reason it's not so fun being married to a cook:

When I do make something that is absolutely delicious, everyone I serve it to automatically gives him all the credit and would never believe I made it!

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