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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Fun Fall Day

I love New England in the Fall. The crispness in the air, the changing of the leaves, snuggling back into your jeans and hoodies. Activities like apple picking and local fairs make Fall fun for the kids too!

Today we went to a local orchard and had a ball. There was a huge sunflower maze that you needed a map to navigate through. Dylan took the lead and the rest of us were just trying to keep up.

I think we ran into ever dead-end possible. But I think Dylan's goal was to stay in there as long as possible. It's amazing we ever got him out!
Then we took a tractor ride to the apple orchards to pick our own. Dylan wanted to pick the highest ones that he could reach.

And Camryn didn't quite understand why we didn't want the ones off the ground in our bag. We definitely owed more to the "Sin Bin" then any other family there.

You would have never known that Camryn had eaten any apples while picking once we got into the orchard store. She made a beeline for the bakery, grabbed onto a package of Apple Cider Donuts and wouldn't let go. Seriously, she wouldn't let up her grip even for the cashier to ring them up. Honestly, it wasn't a purchase anyone was too upset about but my husband and I barely got any!

So when I'm complaining about how much I hate New England in the winter, someone remind me of how much I actually do enjoy the changing of the seasons!

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