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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I realize its been a week since my last post but sadly I've had nothing to post! The day after Dylan's pretzel art he got sick. Maybe that's why he was playing with his food rather than eating it!!!

He has had practically every symptom. It started with an extremely high fever, followed by a little vomiting. Then it was low energy and no appetite for a few days accompanied by a cough and runny nose. We thought we were on the mend on Monday so I sent him to school only to have the nurse call me at 10:00. His teacher knew he wasn't himself by his low energy and lack of desire to eat his snack.

I picked him up and went straight to the doctors. They checked for ear infections, strep throat, listened for pneumonia and weren't too concerned about mono. So I left with no more information then what I started with. Dylan was fighting some sort of virus and he needed plenty of fluid and rest.

I kept him home from school again today for some added rest. His energy is better and is appetite seems to getting back to normal. Hopefully, he can make it to school tomorrow....because now I don't feel so hot and mom's don't get sick days!!!

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