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Monday, October 17, 2011


On Friday Dylan came home with a notebook he had purchased in the prize closet at school. He was anxious to get started filling this notebook, so off to the playroom he went. Every once in awhile he would yell to me out in the kitchen:

"Mom, how do you spell "eyes"
"Mom, how do you spell "only"

I was starting to have rising suspicions regarding this notebook. But unable to keep his own secret, Dylan came running over to the sink to show me.

"This is my notebook for my best friend Leah" (This is the first time I've heard anything about a Leah)
He proudly shows me how the first page states: Leah's eyes only. So I was guessing that was all of the book my eyes were going to see. But he kept filling me in on the details.

"I'm going to draw pictures for Leah of vacations."
"Like the family vacations, we go on?"
"No, things I do with Leah. You know mom, memories!"

And the first illustration was unveiled. Two people clearly holding hands.

"Great drawing Dylan! What is it a memory of?"
"Leah and I walking. And the next one is going to be of us riding bikes. When it's all done, I'm going to show it to her."

Let's only hope Leah appreciates his sappiness as much as I do!

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