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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A white...Halloween???

Sounds crazy but its true. We have snow already! Not only was I not ready for winter weather yet, I was definitely unprepared for the events that occured during this storm.

Let me set the scene:
It started off like any usual Saturday. Apple pancakes for breakfast, some morning cartoons and then we were off to run errands. Off to order tile for my master bathroom, in fact, the last room to finish since the addition. But I digress. We were only on the road for about 15 minutes when the snow/slush started coming down, fast and hard. We knew of the pending storm reports so rather than get stuck in winter road conditions or worse winter road traffic conditions, we turned around. With our plans of a bon-fire and haunted house at a friends house out the window, we stopped to grab some grub and movies for a cozy night in.

We weren't home for 30 minutes when our power went out. Having lost power for 6 days during a hurricane in August, the novelty has kind of worn off. With the time of year and the weather outside, it was getting hard to see in our house already. We quickly abandoned the dinner and movie plan and were trying to brainstorm a new one.

Dylan wasn't acting quite himself so I took his temperature to reveal a fever of 102.4. So him and I went up to rest and read in bed.

Dinner by candlelight with kids is not so romantic and definitely a little interesting. It takes the usual spilled milks and dropped silverware to a new level. The kids did find it amusing when I opened the wrong side of the Parmesan cheese and emptied the remaining contents of the container onto my pasta though!

We retreated to the couch with every candle, lantern and glow stick we owned. Camryn, mesmerized by her ability to alter her shadow, provided much entertainment. Dylan played DJ on my i-phone while we danced around the room with glow sticks. When the battery died and our music was no longer, we recorded our own versions of the songs on Dylan's DSi. It turned out to be a great night.

That is until we moved everyone up to bed. During Dylan's transfer upstairs, he threw up all over me. I ran to get him into the bathroom but couldn't see what kind of trail I was leaving behind. Once we were all cleaned up, I was tucking him into bed when I smelled the dreaded odor of a puppy accident. Apparently, we had neglected Bromley in the fiasco and she had left us a present. The problem was, we couldn't see where it was. I froze while John stepped lightly with a flashlight around the room.

The night ended up to be a sleepless one. Dylan would call for me, I would take him to the bathroom just in case, which would in turn wake Bromley who would then cry from her crate. Once everyone was quiet and I was in those first sweet moments of slumber, the cycle would start all over again. John and I were overjoyed when we woke to the blinking neon light of our alarm clock and the sound of the furnace!

We weathered the storm and are one of the lucky ones who has now power. Camryn, Callie and Bromley embraced the snow this morning, in a little backyard romp!

Bromley's 1st snow

Today, we cranked up the heat, disregarded all TV limits and have an endless supply of soup and Gatorade. Not a bad, cozy, snow day!

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  1. wow, you are supermom, i don't know how i could handle all that!!!