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Sunday, August 2, 2009


On this rainy Sunday afternoon, John and I decided to take the kids out to lunch for lack of a better idea. Bobby Flay opened up a new restaurant in the casino, about 25 minutes from our house, so I've been dying to try it. It's a burger joint, so we figured it would be kid-friendly and Dylan could play a few games in the kids zone afterward.

In true Bobby Flay fashion, the food was delicious and the kids were well behaved. In order to get to the kids zone, you have to walk through the casino, without going onto the gaming floor of course.

Just a side note, we are NOT the only people who bring their kids here. There is plenty for families to do, even though it's a casino environment. I actually never thought twice about my decision to take them there.

Until today, when a women in a motor scooter on oxygen, due to obesity, said: "Babies in a casino...that's disgusting."

Now here she was wasting her last breath (and dime probably) judging me for taking my kids out to lunch. Other than this little rant, I was the bigger person and bit my tongue. For no other reason than to show my kids how to be polite!

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