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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nose Nonsense

In the car last night, Dylan was doing anything to stay awake. He usually rambles on about nonsense just to keep himself engaged. I try not to answer him and figure that he will eventually doze off. He kept saying something about scratching his nose and I ignored it, hoping for a sleeping kid by the time I pulled into the driveway. Then his nonsense turned into complaints about his nose hurting. I turned around to find him with his finger digging around up there. I told him if he took his finger out maybe his nose would stop hurting.

That's when he informed me that he had put something up there. Still not completely convinced that he really had put something up there, I told him that if he had, he might have to go to the doctor and have him take it out with tweezers. He started to sound concerned about the looming doctor visit and then proceeded to sneeze uncontrollably. That's when I knew he wasn't fibbing. There wasn't much I could do while I was driving so luckily we were almost home.

I unloaded the kids into the house and laid Dylan down on the couch to get a better view of the foreign object. I could see something blocking his nostril, so I dove right in. I gently used my pinkie and successfully got the long dried up piece of string cheese, that he found in his carseat and then thought would be fun to stick up his nose, out!

When asked 2 days later by my sister why he stuck something up his nose, his reply was: "because I thought it would help pull my boogers out!"

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