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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Umbrellas in the house

According to a popular superstition, opening an umbrella in the house will bring bad luck to all people who reside in that home. Well it's a good thing we aren't superstitious.

On two separate occasions I saw my kids playing with Dylan's umbrella in the house. Camryn was innocently dancing around with it like Mary Poppins. She wasn't hurting anyone and look how happy she was, so I let her be.

Dylan, however was not twirling it about in a "jolly holiday" manner. He was chasing after his sister and the dog. As soon as he would get close to one of them, POP, he would open it right in their face. When I told him not to do that anymore because he could hurt someone. He replied: "It's ok Mom, the old lady shoots Ratatouille with it and he doesn't get hurt." Thank you Disney!

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