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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Plans

Dylan and I couldn't wait for Camryn to get up from her nap. We had BIG plans! The weather was perfect and the tide chart was calling for low tide right at dinner time. We packed up the bike trailer with our picnic dinner, grabbed a bucket for our beach treasures and I snagged the camera to capture our first trip to the beach of the season.

As I pedaled my heart out (the kids are heavier than last summer) they talked about our time at the beach. What we would eat? Of course, I packed a three course meal, knowing we would be there for the remainder of the day. What we would find? At low tide you can walk out really far and you never know what you might come across. And Camryn wanted to ensure that we would have ample playground time.

As I rounded the corner to cross the bridge to the beach, this is what I saw:

So now I had to explain to my excited children, that after enduring a 20 minute bike ride, we were not going to be able to play on the playground, walk out on the sand bar or even eat dinner for that matter.
Luckily, I spotted a bench on a grassy knoll outside the marina and claimed it our alfresco dining spot. The kids longingly stared at the sand bar while I forced them to indulge in all three courses of our picnic.

Dylan was complaining he was cold
while Camryn kept asking to go to the playground. After only 10 minutes of trying to make a bad situation fun, I strapped them back in the trailer and began the trek home feeling defeated.

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