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Thursday, May 6, 2010


really are a girl's best friend.

I swear Camryn pushed herself out just in time so her birthstone could be a diamond. Since birth she has had her eye on my diamond necklace. Like all babies, she pulled on it, but it seemed like she was a little more reluctant to let go.

From the beginning, I told her she could have it someday when daddy bought me a bigger one. As she grew up, she slowly grasped the concept. And if you ask her when does she get mommy's pretty necklace, she will reply: "Daddy get bigger one!"

The other night John and I attended a wedding and I wore fancier jewelry. By the time we got home, we were wiped, so I neglected to take it off. In the morning, before I could even get her out of her crib, she spotted it from a mile away. Her eyes lit up and she started jumping up and down in her crib yelling: "Bigger one, bigger one."

I honestly think she expected to inherit my old one before breakfast.

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